The Dictionary

A dictionary of terms and phrases regarding Un dizionario di termini e locuzioni relative to welcoming and life of refugees in Italy. The words are explained in a simple and accurate way with all the necessary references.

Tools for Aid Workers

A thematic language guide that humanitarian aid workers can use to guide migrants in their life journey.

Language Guide for Refugees

A linguistic guide organized by themes to guide migrants in their life path.

Four languages

The languages of the project are Italian, Arabic, French and English. All materials are designed to be used in four languages.

Controlled Language

All texts are written in such a way as to be accessible and understandable even to non-professionals.

Thematic organization

The materials are organized in such a way as to be easily fired according to the tasks to be addressed with a function-focused approach.

Updated terminology

The words included in the materials are updated to the latest legislation and regulations and are selected with a document-based approach.